Leadership support

Diana Osagie

Leadership will grasp at your heart and squeeze. It will test, challenge and set you ablaze. I have never felt more alive and conversely felt that life was over, than when I was at the top of leadership of my organisation.

Leadership Giants

I had the childhood of my dreams, growing up in Camberwell, South London. People now would call it disadvantaged. I loved it. We had a place called ‘the dump’ at the back of the council estate where we lit bonfires and put all the shopping trolleys, all that kind of stuff. It was great. I […]

Leadership Permission

Leaders give yourselves that internal permission…   The permission to hope The permission to be brave The permission to be curious about what is possible The permission to love your teams and communities and show your heart The permission to be remarkable   All of these are internal. You decide what your mind thinks, what […]