The NEW Academy of Women’s Leadership

The groundbreaking Academy of Women’s Leadership offers a unique powerful support for female leaders in all industries who find themselves in challenging situations.

The women we work with typically are already sitting at the leadership table. They have success in what they do, but they face the one or all of following:

  • Toxic working cultures
  • Crippling internal fear
  • Challenging leadership circumstances.

The academy provides a year-long intervention (completely online) written by successful veteran female leaders that is utterly unique. Our 4C program focuses on Connection, Clarity, Confidence and Conquer. There is nothing more powerful in the world, than female leader who has all 4 elements securely in place. 

We enrol 100 women per year from all professions and sectors, offering powerful benefits to support female leaders to thrive.

The benefits of joining include

  • The feeling of confidence to navigate any challenge that may come your way
  • Access to deep and critical knowledge to support your journey coupled with tailored support
  • A change in your leadership stance, from struggling to self-assured and then leading whilst feeling renewed and emboldened.