Leadership Permission

Leaders give yourselves that internal permission…


The permission to hope

The permission to be brave

The permission to be curious about what is possible

The permission to love your teams and communities and show your heart

The permission to be remarkable


All of these are internal. You decide what your mind thinks, what your heart yearns for.

Give yourself permission to be phenomenal.



Picture of Diana Osagie

Diana Osagie

BSC PGCE MA NPQSI DIP Coaching Diana is a director Courageous Leadership Consultancy & The Academy of Women’s Leadership Diana is a Leadership Coach and Trainer - Consultant Head Teacher - School Inspector. With 21 years’ experience leading secondary education, including six years as a successful secondary head; Diana is resilient & skilled in urban leadership under challenging circumstances. Diana founded The Academy of Women’s Leadership; specialising in creating women who thrive with deep confidence at the leadership table.


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