Head Teacher COACHING

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Courageous Leadership Coaching is for head teachers; 

  • Who are looking for honest and focused support that will enable you to secure efficacy in your leadership journey.  
  • Who are facing unprecedented organizational change and complexity. 
  • Who are under tremendous pressure to improve organizational performance, respond to changing
    market demands and develop teams.

Successful leaders have someone in their corner who understands and has overcome similar challenges. We all need an advocate and that is what Diana becomes when you work together, an advocate for your leadership.

Your Challenges

All or some of the following:

  • Areas of your leadership journey have moved from challenging to impossible and distressing
  • You know what you want, but making this a reality is becoming increasingly fraught
  • You are dealing with a toxic culture at work, teams and individuals are not buying into your vision, and in fact they are actively opposed to your agenda
  • You are new to senior leadership, excited but terrified!

Your Goals

  • You want to reach the next level in your career
  • Develop strategies to handle the intricacies of demanding leadership
  • Enhance your flexibility of response as a leader
  • Master leadership challenges, such as implementing organizational change

personal leadership coaching.

How it works

How it Works

I  work with head teachers who have a level of success in their practice, yet issues remain that need attention.

Courageous Leadership Coaching is a proven successful model that gives straight forward support. I provide personalized, goal-focused coaching to help you overcome challenges and achieve your career objectives.

benefits of our coaching

What I do

  • Listen, ask focused questions, reflect back, challenge and acknowledge.
  • Encourage intentional thought, action, and behaviour changes.
  • Inject enough dynamic tension into the coaching process to compel you to take action and affect positive change.
  • Help you develop strong personal action plans to close identified gaps and hold you accountable for achieving the goals set.
what do i do?

Benefits of my Coaching

  • You gain new insight into strengths to be leveraged and behaviours that may be limiting success.
  • I provide a safe and confidential environment so you engage in meaningful dialogue, receive objective feedback, and develop new knowledge.
  • I act as a sounding board and a thought partner, encouraging intentional thought, action and behaviour changes.

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