aBOUT ME & hOW i can SUPPORT you!

Let me start by saying that everything is going to be fine, in fact it will be better than fine, it’s going to be great!

When it comes to educational leadership coaching, I’m here to help you develop, grow and become a skilled expert within your field. In a competitive, ever-changing and challenging environment there’s no need to worry that you’ll survive by the skin of your teeth or flounder and sink. By unlocking your leadership potential, you can learn to lead your school community with insight, resilience, courage and tenacity.

I’m not here to give you the usual positive thinking spiel that you may see everywhere else, I’m here to give you the truth. You may not feel like it is something you can achieve right now, but through the correct leadership coaching program, you’ll be fully equipped with the steps needed to make it your truth.


After ten years of working hard being a deputy head, I became a head teacher of a secondary school in inner London. Within my first week I was feeling courageous and confident, feeling like I could take on the world with a smile from ear to ear.

It was only a few months later I began going through challenging times at both work and home. All of my courage felt like it had left me and I was just about ready to quit.

Years on from that time in my life, I now mentor senior colleagues through challenging circumstances as a qualified leadership coach. I wrote the book, ‘Courageous Leadership’ and have developed a successful coaching practice that creates courageous leaders for our schools. 

With over 2 decades of senior leadership (including headship and executive head ship) under my belt, I enable head teachers to achieve their full potential.


My leadership journey is an ever-changing, one and yours will be too. If you’re interested in finding out more on what educational leadership coaching could do for you, please contact me today, via the form below, to book your free 20-minute phone call to see how I could help you.

Let’s start a professional relationship that supports your growth, development and at the very least, preserve your sanity!

Diana Osagie | BSC (hons) MA NPQH PQSI ILM5


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