What is Courageous Leadership online learning?

How do you re-establish a vision with a team you don’t know or who are jaded?
How to hold people to account when they are passive aggressive towards you?
You have been leading for years - yet your heart still falls through the floor when certain situations arise at work!
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With my proven online learning platform I have recorded the answers, strategies and approaches that answer these questions and 100’s more, all ready for you to stream and watch at your own pace.

This is not more theology or the academia of leadership- this is the practical guide to getting the hard stuff in leadership done!

  • 6 modules that get to the heart of leadership issues
  • PDF downloads for extra resource support
  • You choose which modules you subscribe to

Online Courageous Leadership online curriculum

Module 1 - Securing your leadership
  • 1.1 – Setting/re-setting the vision
  • 1.2 – Developing your gravitas
  • 1.3 – Confidence!
Module 2 - Securing your first 99 days of promotion
  • 2.1 – Part One securing your leadership following promotion
  • 2.2 – Part Two securing your leadership following promotion
Module 3 - Dealing with the difficulties of leadership
  • 3.1 – Dealing with challenging conversations
  • 3.2 – Dealing with challenging people
Module 4 - Implementing change
  • 4.1 – Change, what are we doing here? 
  • 4.2 – Implementation strategies 
  • 4.3 – Dealing with resistance to change 
  • 4.4 – Bonus material, managing difficult people 
Module 5 - (Bonus Module) The pillars of courageous leadership
  • 5.1 – Part One – The courageous statements
  • 5.2 – Part Two – The courageous statements
Module 6 - (Bonus Module) Reflecting in your leadership
  • 6.1 – Part One – Ten great questions leaders ask themselves
  • 6.2 – Part Two – Ten great questions leaders ask themselves 

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