Module 1 – Establishing Your Leadership

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When you establish something, you take time to make sure the foundations are secure. Effective leadership enables the leader and the team to thrive, and the pillars of vision, gravitas and leadership confidence are central to success. Whether you are new or you have been leading your team for a while, this module will give […]

Module 3 – Dealing With the Difficulties of Leadership

There is no panacea for dealing with difficult people, but there are strategies that work better than others! Dealing with those who undermine you Dealing with those who are passive aggressive These are the hard aspects of leadership, but no-one teaches you HOW it’s done. This module will teach you WHY, WHAT AND HOW!

Module 4 – Implementing Change


At work, at home, at play, people prefer things that are comfortable to stay the same. Leaders are charged to bring about change, so the difficulties begin! This is not the theology of change, but the practical stuff you are not taught on your professional development course. WHY, WHAT AND HOW, you will understand and […]

Module 5 – The Pillars of Courageous Leadership

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There are 67 statements of Courageous Leadership in my book, this module explains the relevance of each one to leadership and how they can secure your leadership journey. Anyone can get a promotion and be called leader. Only a few understand the courage and tenacity that it takes to be an EFFECTIVE leader that other […]

Module 6 – Reflecting In Your Leadership

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You are a leader? Therefore you should also be great at reflecting on the what, why and how of your leadership. These 10 questions form a sound basis for leadership reflection. Practical, useful, and highly applicable to your leadership journey.