Progress Plain and Simple: What Every Teacher Needs To Know About Improving Pupil Progress


by Michael Harpham (Author)

What is progress in learning? How do we see progress being made in a lesson? This book offers a fresh perspective on teaching, learning and progress in the classroom. Written by an experienced teacher and school leader, Michael Harpham, it explores the different ways in which progress can be made in the classroom and how it can be more effectively delivered, identified, evidenced, measured and assessed.




The book provides an overview of progress in schools for both teachers and school leaders, including what is meant by progress and what it looks like in lessons, as well as its implications on assessment, leadership, and internal and external school evaluation. It offers over thirty situation-driven strategies and activities to help develop and deliver progress in and beyond the classroom, focussing on five measures:

  • Skills
  • Knowledge
  • Accuracy
  • Resilience
  • Independent learning

Full of tips to help improve progress in schools, this is essential reading for all teachers, school leaders and parents.