You have decided it’s time to apply for the top role in school and have maximum influence on the lives of young people.

Now you need to convince a board of governors that you are indeed the right person for the role and they can trust your vision, judgement and character with the responsibility of headship. 

This shouldn’t be hard? 

  • You are a great deputy head right? 
  • You have experience and training? 
  • You have a new suit especially for the interview process!

Phase one?

You spend hours writing applications, but never getting shortlisted, it feels like you are invisible

Phase two? 

You get shortlisted- they call you for interview. You turn into a speaking jelly and flop. If you were on the panel- you wouldn’t appoint yourself!

Phase three? 

You are over the jelly stage- getting down to the final two candidates. Then they say- thanks but no thanks. (oh so close) 

Becoming a head teacher was a pivotal moment in my life, if you are ready to invest and make that pivot in your leadership journey, let’s get started.

3 phases of support– you choose your level of input depending on your needs.

  • Review and reforming your personal statement 
  • The confidence hour – I light courageous fire in you
  • The mock interview – bringing your answers and presentation to head ship standard. 

Download the brochure here

Contact me today for more information – let’s get the ball rolling.