I participate in various Leadership Workshops and Events throughout the country. Whether it is as a keynote speaker to get the audience motivated, or running my own workshop for school leaders, here you will find all the details of the events I am attending.

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1st  – 4th March 

Keynote speech : The FED National Educational Summit –

Courageous Leadership 

An international cast of educators, business leaders and politicians will look at Education through a long-term lens over a series of events in a four-day summit programme. Click here for information and tickets


18th March

Keynote speech: Pioneer Education Trust Slough
Fulfil the Expectations of your Life
A motivational keynote to encourage and set a new fire under the seat of everyone in the audience. 

22nd – 25th March

Keynote speech: Osiris Educationalist World Education Summit,                        

The 5 Golden Nuggets of Female Leadership

Click here for information and tickets


1st April 

Keynote speech: Mercian Trust

Making a Difference through Courageous Leadership 

Every member of staff makes the difference in the lives of young people and powerfully changes or reinforces a narrative that is life affirming and full of potential for our young people.


27th April 

Keynote speech : Ealing Deputy Head Teacher Conference

Changing leadership Culture through Courageous Leadership 

Staff will be invigorated and encouraged to continue working at the chalk face of education in our nation. They will remember what is possible with professional love and collaboration at the heart of their practice and understand that this season will pass.