Meet your coach: Yinka Ewuola

Yinka Ewuola
Founder and Managing Director, Calla Success Systems
Business Strategist, Trainer, Consultant & Dynamic Transformation Coach
With over 18 years of experience in Business, Charitable and Educational Leadership Yinka works at the forefront of women’s leadership and development.

An inspiring and unique business leader, Yinka founded Calla Success Systems to support women in business lead thriving and profitable businesses while living nourishing and inspiring lives. She has a proven track record of developing bespoke solutions for women in leadership and has supported many through their journeys in business, education and the charitable sectors.

Passionate about the holistic approach to improvement and success, Yinka works with women to ensure that the systems, environments, and processes in their lives support their hopes and dreams and enable them to define success on their own terms.

Supporting women with tools, resources and methods that are designed to help leaders thrive.

A champion and supporter for women leaders